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To attract, select, retain and optimize the best employees in today's work environment, employers must take a broader approach to Talent Management. Two critical areas must be addressed:

1. A company needs certain skills, competencies, and individuals who can work effectively in their culture. However, not every person with the needed skills will be an effective worker in your particular culture.

2. Employees are not given the same level of job security in today's world of work and most realize they have choices. The work environment, the quality of management and supervision, having the opportunity to contribute to organizational success and the ability to increase their own professional value are essential to most workers. If an individual does not find value - beyond the paycheck - they will often leave. Or worse, they become resigned, cynical and disengaged from their work - and STAY.

Career Architect Consulting Services provides powerful assessment tools and delivers coaching expertise to your workforce and training and support to your managers, to achieve the greatest organizational value: a motivated workforce understood and lead by effective managers. The synergies created not only drive the goals of the business, but also retain the talent necessary for continual business growth. Providing a work environment where people want and choose to work is smart business.

CONTACT US today to discuss how any of the following programs and services can make a difference in your organization.

Strategic Talent Managment Cycle

Program Planning & Development Consulting

Career Architect Consulting Services will facilitate the discussions and planning meetings to develop a program that will truly support your business needs while also being seen by employees and potential employment candidates as a value-add.

Possible areas of focus could include but are not be limited to:
  • Needs Assessment Findings
  • Philosophy Review/Development
  • Procedure Review/Development
  • Communication Review/Development
  • Performance Management System tie-in for accountability
  • Employer Branding
  • Selection Processes
  • Staff Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Reduction in Workforce Planning
CONTACT US today to discuss your current company challenges.

Effective Assessments - Qualified Consultants

The Talent Management Assessment Center (T-MAC) at Career Architect Consulting Services was established to be a comprehensive resource for all your organizational assessment needs.

You will find a full menu of effective, valid and reliable organizational assessments, career inventories, organizational surveys and qualified practitioners in one location to assist you with:

  • Pre-hire selection
  • Post-hire coaching & development
  • Career exploration & development
  • Full organizational assessments
  • Employee Engagement Survey

  • Sample areas addressed:
  • Job Fit
  • Cultural Fit
  • Succession Planning
  • Coaching
  • Development
  • Behaviors
  • Work Style
  • Skills & Competencies
  • Interests
  • Values
  • Motivation
  • Work Ethic/Honesty/Integrity
  • Entrepreneurial skill sets
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Team Building

  • Strategic Partnership Formed

    As a result of a strategic partnership agreement with a renowned internationl assessment company, Career Architect Consulting Services is able to offer a full range of reliable and valid pre-hire assessment tools and post-hire development tools to support your Talent Management initiative. Be assured that Profiles technology meets or exceeds all thirteen of the U.S.Department of Labor's criteria for Best Practices and satisfies all requirements of EEOC, ADA, DOL and the Civil Rights Act.

    Our assessments were inspired by the needs of our clients and created to work in real-world business settings to measure the total person, including the following attributes:

    CAN the person do the job - (thinking and reasoning)
    HOW will the person do the job - (behavioral attributes)
    WILL the person do the job - (occupational interests)

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss which of our online assessments and related sevices are right for your situation.

    CONTACT US today to arrange for a presentation and discussion of our business solutions.

    Success & Performance Coaching

    Working with a coach can give employees the skills and tools to get back on track and/or to continue to be successful. Understanding what personal behaviors and job elements support or hinder their ongoing success is critical in creating any person's career development strategy.

    Individual coaching sessions can help improve staff effectiveness on the job. Packages are customized for individual professional goals. Sample areas of work include:
    • Decision-making
    • Time management
    • Prioritizing
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Team work
    • Career assessments
    • Career research and related tools
    • Career strategy
    Keep great employees focused. Motivate good employees to go the extra mile. Don't give up on great talent. Don't miss out on optimizing the skills, knowledge and abilities possessed by those employees who previously haven't had the chance to shine.

    Contact us for more information.

    Supervisor & Manager Training

    Managers and supervisors are usually tasked with hiring, developing and retaining their staff. Unfortunately most supervisors have never had formal training nor have they personally experienced having career discussions with their own managers. As a result, they are unaware of how to effectively conduct these meetings. It is essential that supervisors understand and support the career development process for it to have the strategic impact that is possible.

    Sample training topics:
    • Interviewing & Selection
    • Effective Supervision
    • Mentoring
    • Staff Career Discussions
    • Retention of Good Employees
    • Modeling Leadership

    Contact us for more information.

    Outplacment and Transition Services

    When business conditions or a true mismatch of talent-to-job or individual-to-corporate culture leads to employee separation, full service Outplacement and Transition Services provide the support and assistance to prepare the individual for his or her job search. A well-designed and managed Transition Program may decrease the company's liability exposure while increasing its reputation as a fair and caring employer.

    Customized programs are designed based on your organization's size, budget, and goals. Services can be provided on-site, remotely (via phone/email), or at our off-site Career Management Center.

    Programs generally include:
    • On-site Presence - Day of Notice
    • Workshops
    • Individual Career Coaching Sessions
    • Career Assessments
    • Career Management Center
    • Reduced-cost Computer Classes

    Topic areas include:
    • Career Exploration
    • Job Search Strategy
    • Action Plan Development
    • Resumes, Cover Letters, and other Marketing Material
    • Networking
    • Interviewing

    Assessment areas can include:
    • Personality Type Assessments
    • Interest Inventories
    • Values Inventories
    • Skill & Interest Assessments
    Click here for more details on Outplacement and Transition Services.

    CONTACT US to find out how these services may benefit your company and employees.

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