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When business conditions or a true mismatch of talent-to-job or individual-to-corporate culture leads to employee separation, full service Outplacement and Transition Services provide the support and assistance to prepare the individual for his or her job search. A well-designed and managed Tranisiton Program may also
  • decrease the company's liability exposure
  • increase the company's reputation as a fair and caring employer
  • decrease the employee's time on unemployment
Customized programs will be designed based on your organization's size, budget, and goals.

Services can be provided at our Career Management Center, on-site at your location (or another location of your choice), or remotely (via phone/email).

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal for your review.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your needs.

Transition Package Components

Program Design Consultation
Pre-notification meetings with company representatives. Can include discussions on program components and communication and training of managers.

On-site Presence - Day of Notification
Meet with participant after receiving notice. Explain outplacement benefits. Set up appointments as per program design.

Career Center Membership
Arrangements can be made to provides an effective, professional work environment to help the participant conduct their career exploration and job search. A career center environment can provide tools such as:
  • Workstations
  • WI-FI Internet access
  • Computers, with high-speed Internet connections
  • Telephone, Fax, Copier access
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career resource library
  • Job leads
  • Peer support
  • Guest Speaker events

4-Part Job Search Workshops
Group workshops are a very effective method of getting core job search information to participants in a relatively short period of time. 1:1 sessions can then be utilized for coaching instead of training. Group interaction also allows for networking, better idea generation, and connections, in a time when people can feel isolated.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on the job search workshops.

1:1 Individualized Career Coaching
Even with a knowledge base of what needs to be done, the job search process can bring inevitable disappointments and frustrations. By utilizing a coach, participants can stay in action by focusing on their strengths, their value, and their ability to accomplish their goals. Coaches can provide insight on how to improve upon and implement the marketing and job search strategies. Topics include:
  • Career Transition Issues
  • Career Exploration & Assessments
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Marketing Material & Strategy Development
  • Job Search Strategy Development
  • Networking Strategy Development
  • Interviewing Skill Development
  • Job Offer Evaluation & Negotiation

Career Assessments
A variety of assessments are available to assist in career planning and job search.
  • Personality Type Assessments
  • Interest Inventories
  • Skill & Interest Comparisons
  • Value Assessments
  • Decision-Making Matrix
  • Entrepreneurial Assessment
CLICK HERE for more detailed information on Assessments.

Selecting an Outplacement Provider

At a time when many people are calling themselves "coaches" and "consultants" it is important to hire someone with the credentials to effectively provide true career and transition counseling.

Some important distinctions:
  • Individuals must be trained and qualified to administer many assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Strong Interest Inventory. These can be ineffective, if not harmful, if presented by untrained service providers.
  • People have different learning styles: one approach - a "group only" method that is employed by some consulting firms does not work well for a good portion of the population.
  • Grabbing the first job opportunity is often not the best action a job seeker should take. Many things factor into an employee's ultimate success on the job. Having the needed skills is just one factor. Without aligning the other elements, the individual will not be fully engaged. Productivity will suffer, resulting in frustration and disappointment for both employee and employer.
  • Transition and career counseling is extremely different than recruiting and requires significantly different skill sets. Very few outplacement firms and recruiters address the transition and job alignment process.
When you are selecting an Outplacement Services provider to support your former workforce, consider hiring the provider that has BOTH the credentials to do the job and the commitment to quality and effective results for the individual.

With Career Architect Consulting Services your people will have access to a company committed to individual service delivery and a consultant who is qualified to deliver effective services:
- Masters-level practitioners who are experienced and trained in the most up-to-date career development strategies
- Qualified to administer and interpret career assessment tools under the American Psychological Association standards
- Well-networked professionals leveraging years of experience with diverse populations, industries, and corporate cultures.


Our programs are designed and customized to best meet your need and budget. The cost is generally impacted by
  • when the agreement is finalized (costs may change over time)
  • the type of services included in the program
  • the duration of the program offered
  • the number of people using the program
  • location of service delivery, and
  • the duration of the program and agreement.

We would never make the assumption of designing a program without meeting with a client company to discuss what services may be most beneficial and why. We are committed to making sure your company gets the best possible program for your budget dollars. We urge you to be skeptical of any service provider that doesn't feel the need to discuss your business goals for providing the benefit and which services would be most effective for you and your workers.

We are confident that we will deliver outplacement programs within your price range that will be effective and beneficial to your company and transitioning employees.

CONTACT US today to discuss your needs.

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